Artificiel Mobile Game

Artificiel is a side project I've worked on as Game artist.
You are in charge of commanding Artificiel (the robot) to get all the coins in over 200 levels. This is a programming game where the accent is put on UI/UX. The Action part itself was made in 3D using Unity and Blender3D, Mixamo for animating.

Feel free to download it and test it here :

Description :
"Like puzzle games ? Getting new challenges again and again for a long period of time ?
Artificiel have you covered ! With more than 200 levels of puzzle, ranging from very easy to super hard, you will help Artificiel the robot to gather all the coins possible !

Not sure how to play ?

Click or Drag and Drop the various commands in the empty slots to give a path to follow to Artificiel.
Hit that big Play Button in the bottom center of the screen and watch him succeed ! Or fail. If it fails, no worries !

You can keep trying by resetting the level, cleaning the command board, and playing the game step by step to check out where the bug happens.

Left the game before finding the solution ? Artificiel has a good memory, your last actions got saved and you can go back to your level at the exact moment where you stopped.

If necessary, hints or filling the solution might come in handy.

Ready to help Artificiel ? "

Currently available on Android, coming soon on iOS.

February 26, 2020