Oceanic Sanitary Farms

This is an Oceanic Sanitary Farm of the future. Because we might need some of these to prevent future pandemics coming from the seas and somehow we managed to do the right thing and work to save the Oceans. These farms serves the purpose to measure and track virus presence in the sea as well as helping to control their density in the waters. To that end, Marine Epidemiologist farmers use various interference species, from sea sponges to crabs, along with bivalves and mussels.

These species, chosen for that purpose, are known for greatly reducing the virus population in a given environment. Breadcrumb sponges for example can remove up to 98% of viruses in 24 hours in controlled waters.

This sketch was actually heavily influenced by this research paper : https://rdcu.be/b3Agc
by Welsh, J.E., Steenhuis, P., de Moraes, K.R. et al. Marine virus predation by non-host organisms. Sci Rep 10, 5221 (2020).

Which I highly recommend reading and ...SEA by yourself how awesome are sea sponges.

May 16, 2020