Outlaws Pirate Jam Skirmish 2020

Created for the Pirate Jame 2020 Pre-Jam Skirmish.

Theme - Bounty

Gamejam was 48 hours but due to timezones "latency" and the jam being hosted at Hong Kong time, the art had to be made within a day (around 17hours total).

Swipe your bounties to match them up to the outlaws brought in. Don't make the wrong people walk the plank, you want to collect your bounties back home.


Swipe with your Finder, Mouse, Arrows, or A/D to Select.

Left - Next,
Right - Select,

Tap, Click or press space bar to view your captured person and determine if they are one of the outlaws.

Source Code: https://github.com/evanmalmud/Outlaws

Created by:

Evan Malmud (Crychair) - Unity Programmer

Noel-Tien Nguyen The (Alcy) - Art/UI/UX

Alex Dragonetti - Sound Design

Tutorial Outlaws