Alna's Break

PLAY HERE : (and feel free to give feedbacks ;))
The jam was a 100 hours one where I helped on Art assets, Level design, level art.
Disclaimer : You might need a 3rd hand to play.

Extra Game Jam #5 Entry with theme : PASSAGE

Challenges accepted :
- Extra Hands
- Extra Zoey
- Extra CGA
- Extra Media

Help Alna to break out of her prison cell ! Use the light to dash from one point to another and get to the exit. But take care of the guards...They're not easy going...

Controls :
Move with A and D (or arrow keys)
Jump with W or Space
Use your power with Enter, aim with the Mouse and Left click to Activate

Credits :
Code Wizard cat : Kenia Nya
SFX : Skitch ( and
Writer : Feebleblobber
Art : Alcy (
Font :

Beta testers: Luna, Javier, Alex

Alna's break gameplay intro