Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to work many jobs. 

I helped commercial airplanes land, sold French and Italian cold cuts, managed smartphones and ovens stocks... I finally settled on art in a mobile game company in Vietnam and worked on a number of mobile, PC and tabletop games since then. 

But the best part of all these experiences ? The stories I learned from my teammates. The lesson they taught me wa... Actually, you might be thinking :

So What?

Art does a vast majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing in new players.
It makes it more approachable, gives you flexibility in your marketing, makes it appealing for reviewers to show to their audience. As a TTRPG publisher, it is crucial to find the right illustrator that will bring your game to life.

In short ? It's day and night.

But as artists, we're told Art is about technique. "Get good and you'll find work". We show you the best of what we can do, trying to over-skill the competition. Often, we end up following the trends in a never ending rat-race.

To help TTRPGs get attention, I believe art is not about me though. Or even about my skills. Instead, art is about your game, what you want to say that will impact your players.
And the best way to get the tone and experience of your project to resonate, is to ask.
This is what I've learned from my past and current teammates: I might know how to paint, but I know nuthin' of your players, or your game.

Art is heavily linked with your marketing. So why not bring them together to propose a fully tailored illustration to them?

Do not look for artists, look for professional Illustrators. Someone who wants to do the art you want to see, to convey what you want to say and engages the players.

One way to find such illustrators is to check this list I'm curating: The Art-List.

Someone who asks questions

When you partner with me, not only do I align with your direction, I'll also directly ask your players about what resonates with them to reduce as much guess work as possible on the art side and recommend you with the best solution.

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