Hi !

I’m Noel-Tien, a freelance artist who loves making indie video games and tabletops.

I worked at Gameloft Hanoi as a Concept Artist before switching to freelance where I worked with clients like Game and a Curry or The Doves. I enjoy illustrating games, see ideas come to life and solving problems. 

Art is a central component to draw people into a game, especially when it comes to promotion (on Kickstarter, to wide audiences,...). Thus, it should encompass the game-play and narrative of the game while conveying emotions to the players.
My goal is to help you bring these emotions visually, to make people laugh, feel uneasy, happy or angry.

Good communication makes great collaboration.

I believe a good collaboration should be smooth and simple. To that extent, I make sure we are on the same page at every step of the collaboration. I don’t hesitate to ask questions and keep you updated about the advancement of your project every 3 to 4 days. To have a clear idea of the way I work and what you will get, you can go to my workflow page. 

What do I enjoy outside of drawing ?

When I’m not drawing and making games, I enjoy walking and getting lost in forests, running after critters (true story… The Blue Mountains near Sydney are beautiful but quite scary when lost), taking blurry photographs, psychology, science, Pokemon Blue, traveling and running the french opening of Ninja Turtles from the 90’s.