Hi! I'm Noel-Tien (He/Any).

I am here to help you get attention for your game with :

Here are 5 facts about me :

  • I flooded a commercial airplane (from back to cockpit...stuff happens). 
  • I'm French, from Lyon. But not really though. I'm also mixed Vietnamese and Spanish.
  • Don't bring me along a hike. You'll lose me at a mossy rock or at a butterfly passing by.
  • I believe knowledge enables fearless decision making. That's why I started mixing marketing and Illustrations together for better results and how I knew what to do after flooding the damn plane or getting lost in the Blue Mountains in Australia (going from nice tree trunk to another)…
  • When I have a goal in mind, I don't let go. Whether it is learning painting, marketing, travelling, or more recently, astrophotography and modding Skyrim (someone save me).

And a last one because it's my website and I'm a rebel to my own rules. Yeah. Edgy:

  • I don't know you, but you're my hero. I know there are great stories, passions and emotions in everyone. I love to listen to them, enjoy the stars in people's eyes.
    And if you want to share some of your stories, or talk about your projects, don't wait to drop me a message, I'm always happy to discuss!