Alna's Break

Alna's break gameplay intro

Noel tien nguyen the screen03
Noel tien nguyen the screen02
Noel tien nguyen the screen01
Noel tien nguyen the alna
Noel tien nguyen the zoey
Noel tien nguyen the vfx light spritesheet
Noel tien nguyen the background lit

PLAY HERE : (and feel free to give feedbacks ;))
The jam was a 100 hours one where I helped on Art assets, Level design, level art.
Disclaimer : You might need a 3rd hand to play.

Extra Game Jam #5 Entry with theme : PASSAGE

Challenges accepted :
- Extra Hands
- Extra Zoey
- Extra CGA
- Extra Media

Help Alna to break out of her prison cell ! Use the light to dash from one point to another and get to the exit. But take care of the guards...They're not easy going...

Controls :
Move with A and D (or arrow keys)
Jump with W or Space
Use your power with Enter, aim with the Mouse and Left click to Activate

Credits :
Code Wizard cat : Kenia Nya
SFX : Skitch ( and
Writer : Feebleblobber
Art : Alcy (
Font :

Beta testers: Luna, Javier, Alex

August 30, 2019