RUNES is a rogue-like game project. The goal was to get a pitch for a game within 3 months. Here are a batch of the latest concepts and illustration art for it. It was a ton of fun working on it as I could learn a ton with awesome teammates.

(BTW : B&Q Studio is a fictional studio used to name our group =))

Softwares used

A Team Project

This one a project for a team of 5. I had the chance to team up with one game designer and three developers in order to develop an idea for our own portfolios while gaining experience. Taking part of it as artist and producer I helped with the original idea of the game and storytelling via the visuals.
Feel free to click on one of the pictures below and navigate with the arrow keys to get a better resolution of the various concepts I realised for the game.

A story of a lost dude

“Bandhu, who lost his way into some weird and ancient place. Why is he here already ?”
Bandhu is the main character of our story. Student of the Mage Academy we can’t really say he is the ideal student. A dreamer, he often seems lost… But one day, somehow, he ends up in this old dungeon as the Olders felt that he would the right fit for this mission. But he forgot what they told him…. Something about a First Elemental or something ? Whatever… He must not be that impressive if the Olders sent him for the job. Haha.

Procedural dungeon

Our team decided to go for a proceduraly generated level. So I had to develop modular 2D assets that would mix together properly. Many tests were done to find the right asset that would combine with the others.
This choice was made in order to always have a new player experience and new game while limiting the number of assets.

Finding your way

RUNES is a rogue-like game where you have to stop the Boss to escape the dungeon. Whether by fighting it right away, or by chasing and re-activating the Hidden Runes ; magical elements created to keep the monster tied to the dungeon.