Long Sighted

This is an idea I had since some time now. Every game I tend to play on the market uses the same characters. And never did I get the chance to play one with impaired vision like Myopia though it is widely common.

Long-Sighted comes from that need, rarely do we see impaired heroes. I think it can have a few advantages like give more variety in games in character designs, recognition by the public of some diseases (unknown or rare). And give some crazy good game mechanics and many more.

Softwares used
Photoshop, Blender3D

Character concepts

For the characters I am looking for some strong personalities. Jeannine has an epic background as member of the Resistance. She had a full life, fighting for Freedom. Unfortunately, time caught up and now she has Parkinson disease and a bad eyesight. Society begins to forget about the War and from her family, only Max, her grandson is drawn into her stories. But all of this won’t budge her ego and determination to stay the best sniper of the Rhine. So when the government calls for the Nursing Furious squad lead by the Warden Bogdana, Jeannine won’t let them take her without a fight !

The game project

The game is meant to be some kind of Co-op defense of the hill. One player being Jeannine while the other plays Max, her diplopian agile grandson (he sees double). It takes place at the granny’s residence, where she lives happily, for now…

Level Design

Using Blender for the level design; I wanted a centered habitation where the player could modify into a real fortress while being open in many ways. The nurses being able to drop on the roof by helicopters or rush into the garden with crazy jeeps creating chaos and stress to the players.