The content of this page is confidential (it was a trap). But you can still enjoy the reading below !

Gameloft Hanoi gave me a great opportunity. One of them being to learn by experience. Making games, working on many projects and acquiring the tools of the trades are some of the invaluable inputs I get there.
So, enjoy the tour of the best projects I worked on at this wonderful studio ! 

By the way, the studio often looks for new GFX talents, take a look !
Softwares learnt for the past 2 years in Hanoi
Photoshop, Blender3D, Dragonbones, Unity, SourceTree, SVN, MagicaVoxel

A Human Experience

That project especially was the perfect training ground. Working with a small team, we managed some good challenges on a short period of time. Teamwork and collaboration were keys. The latter being especially tricky in Hanoi due to language barrier. It taught me many parts of the game pipeline. Not loosing sight of the end goal, keeping communications as clear as possible and knowing when to call for support were crucial skills to have.
As you can see, it was a lot of assets created ­čśë

Honing The Skills

Thanks to my teammates, I arrived here as an exclusive 2D Concept Artist. And now expanding to new horizons such as Real Time VFX, animation, 3D, Level Design, Game engines, Technical Art, Game Art, Optimization… Though I can’t say I am well rounded, or proficient in any of these skills yet, it definitely made me more versatile and useful in small game development teams.
On a side note : all of this sounds like a lot, but drawing concept is still something I hold dear haha

Making Games <3

I knew I loved drawing, creating characters, how they look, who they are but… I discovered here to make games, the thrill of the journey, the epicness of drawing not a character anymore but a freaking story, and seeing it coming alive through the magic of code, animations and everyone involved !
Even when problems rise, when the light doesn’t want to bake properly for the 52th time of the day or the shaders glitch in weird ways is enjoyable. Even more so when you manage to find a solution to it. The best feeling ever… (After finding a baguette at world’s end)

(I’m also listening to this┬áplaylist┬áexplaining the hype of my writing)

End Note

That’s it ! Yes I know, you came here for some Gameloft works I could have done there. Sadly… I made you read. If you managed until here thank you ! I hope I managed to transmit a bit of my character in these lines haha.
To conclude, here a short video about life at the studio ­čśë (I’m in it….somewhere… On the Art side) Cheers !