Gamejams Experiments

You’ll find on this page some jams I participated in (mostly as artist but roles get blurry real fast haha). Probably unfinished, needing more polishing, even failed ones… But each of them was a great time, with skilled teammates and a big opportunity to learn a lot in a short period of time and within big limitations.

To test the games, check out my Itch.Io page :
Alcy’s page

Softwares used
Photoshop, Dragonbones, Unity, SourceTree

Baikal, ACGS Jam

For this one we shared the artist role in two. while the other artist took the game design, animations and sprites, I hold the illustration, UI/UX part. The theme was “The title of a song”. So we chose Baikal by Ibrahim Maalouf and went for a light hearted game, colorful puzzle to achieve. I hope you’ll have fun playing the 3 levels of the game =)